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Ethics: Proved in Geometrical Order

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2018.10.18 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Benedict de Spinoza, Ethics: Proved in Geometrical Order, Matthew J. Kisner (tr., ed., comm.), Michael Silverthorne (tr.), Cambridge University Press, 2018, xlix + 272pp., $29.99 (pbk), ISBN 9781107655638. Reviewed by Steve Barbone, San Diego State University Michael Silverthorne and Matthew J. Kisner's new translation of Spinoza's Ethics aims to squeeze its way onto bookshelves already crowded with several widely available and popular English versions, notably the editions by Edwin Curley (Princeton), Samuel Shirley (Hackett) and George H. Parkinson (Oxford), among others. Its useful glossary and introduction make it seem that its target is the undergraduate (or perhaps graduate) classroom. A chronology and a brief but important note on the text and translation complete the introductory remarks. Its annotations are sparse and mostly refer to some upcoming or past material in the text or to some original. . .

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