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Misleading job-market materials?

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In the comments section of our job-market discussion thread, Dr. X writes: There should be a discussion of the types of misleading information to avoid putting on one's CV. An example that everyone should know by now to be deceitful: listing something under review as a "publication". JUST. STOP. A more underhanded example: claiming that PhilPeople metrics declares you as being, say, "top 2% for citations (past five years) for metaphysics", without also noting the extremely narrow criterion for entry into PhilPeople's data pool. (Indeed, the criterion is so narrow that one's super-famous and highly active advisor doesn't even satisfy it).  Good query. I wasn't aware of the PhilPeople issue, but I hear about similar things every job season. What other kinds of misleading things should candidates take care to avoid? 

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