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On the Soul and Other Psychological Works

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2018.10.13 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Aristotle, On the Soul and Other Psychological Works, Fred D. Miller, Jr. (tr.), Oxford University Press, 2018, lxxiv + 276pp., $14.95 (pbk), ISBN 9780199588213. Reviewed by Jason W. Carter, Exeter College, University of Oxford Fred D. Miller, Jr.'s stated goal for his new translation for the Oxford World's Classics series is, 'to provide a clear and accessible translation of Aristotle's psychological works while . . . conveying something of his distinctive style'. Not only does Miller achieve these goals in spades, but he also provides something more. His translation of Aristotle's De Anima and Parva Naturalia (the 'short works concerning nature'), along with twenty-three selected fragments from Aristotle's lost works and his 'Hymn to Hermias', is elegant, philosophically sensitive, and informed by some of the best recent scholarly work on Aristotle's psychology and biology (including his own: see Miller. . .

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