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Category theory page updated

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I’m not really keeping abreast with elementary category theory right now — who would have thought that revising an elementary logic text would be so all-consuming? (Maybe it is one of those cheering features of, erm, mature years … you can only think about one thing at a time). However, since I was just about to bring the resource to the attention of our local Part III Maths students, I thought I should just check my category theory page here – which if you don’t know it, links to a lot of available lecture notes, legally available books etc, not to mention my stalled Gentle Intro to Category Theory. So I’ve updated some links, deleted some others, and done a small amount of tidying. Do let me know about any errors and omissions and about any newly available lecture notes, etc. Lots of fun reading if you like that kind of thing … The post Category theory page updated appeared first on Logic Matters.

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