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New Methuselahs: The Ethics of Life Extension

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2018.10.12 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews John K. Davis, New Methuselahs: The Ethics of Life Extension, MIT Press, 2018, 354pp., $40.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780262038133. Reviewed by Nicholas Agar, University of Wellington John K. Davis advances a bold claim about human life extension. He argues that we should expeditiously develop and make available technologies that will radically extend human lifespans. An interesting novelty is the book's final chapter in which Davis presents policies that he thinks will speed the arrival of these technologies. Davis's approach to a future made by radical life extension is generally optimistic. He notes, but downplays, possible bad societal consequences and is bullish about a "wiser, more mature, less superficial, less violent, more informed, better educated, and more responsible" collective future that could result from accelerating the arrival of radically extended lifespans. (p. 30) I think that we should be. . .

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