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Reader query: why not an R&R?

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In the comment section of our most recent "how can we help you?" thread, Amanda writes: I need to vent about something: I just got a journal rejection. The journal had 3 referees. All 3 recommended a revise and resubmit. Yet the editor straight out rejected it with no reasons.(at least they didn't hide the reviews from me, which has happened before.) I can't stand this stuff. I mean it is so hard to get 3 referees to recommend revision, and when that happens I still don't get a chance. Days like this make me really wonder why I write all day. Anyway, can we please hurry up and get the new journal system in place, because this one seems to get worse everyday. (And I know, I know, this happens to everyone...even famous people. But that seems part of the problem.) I empathize. Rejections like these can be particularly tough. At the same time, without knowing the details of Amanda's case, I think I can imagine a few possible scenarios where an editor might. . .

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