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Belief: A Pragmatic Picture

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2018.10.10 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Aaron Z. Zimmerman, Belief: A Pragmatic Picture, Oxford University Press, 2018, 179pp., $46.95 (hbk), ISBN 9780198809517. Reviewed by Trevor Pearce, University of North Carolina at Charlotte 1859 was a banner year for philosophy and science, with the publication of Darwin's On the Origin of Species, Marx's Zur Kritik der politischen Oekonomie, and Mill's On Liberty. But few recall another book that appeared that same year, Alexander Bain's The Emotions and the Will, even though Mill himself saw it "as marking the most advanced point which the à posteriori psychology has reached."[1] Outside the history of psychology and positivism, Bain is primarily remembered for a single claim made in this book: "action is the basis, and ultimate criterion, of belief." As he argued in its penultimate chapter, the primordial form of belief is expectation of... Read More

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