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Blasey & Kavanaugh VI: Motivations

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Some Republican politicians have accused the Democrats of playing politics in the Kavanaugh hearings. This accusation is obviously true. But, it is true in a manner analogous to how an accusation by the Yankees that the Red Sox are playing baseball would be true: it is the game that is being played by both and to pretend otherwise would be absurd. This does not, however, entail that what the Democrats are doing is not morally wrong. To conclude that the Democrats are not wrong to play politics with a hearing because the Republicans also play politics with hearings would commit a fallacy, possibly two. If the “reasoning” is that the Democrats are not wrong because the Republicans do it as well, then this would be an ad hominem fallacy. Just asserting another person (or group) also did something does not entail that doing it is thus justified. To illustrate, if someone stole my bike and I responded by stealing their laptop, this would not make my stealing any less wrong. Naturally, this. . .

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