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Query: managing disrespectful students

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In the comments section of our most recent "how can we help you?" thread, 'This isn't high school' writes: How do people handle disrespectful students? I have in mind primarily the sleepers, the constant chatters, and those who refuse to engage even when called upon. I've experimented with different responses, some subtle and some quite strict. But I'm curious how others have handled these sorts of situations. Great question! I'm not entirely sure why, but I've had fewer disrespectful students the longer I've been teaching. So I haven't had to handle these sorts of issues much recently. But I do have a few thoughts, and am curious to hear from other readers! My first general thought is that the best first line of defense may be to try to develop teaching methods that prevent disrespectful behavior to begin with. For example, I know someone who primarily lectures and have heard them mention students falling asleep and chatting. . .

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