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Query: publishing in community college jobs

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In our newest "how can we help you?" thread, '1st time on the market' writes: Does anybody have examples of folks who teach philosophy full-time at a community college and still manage to publish decent work? I plan to receive a PhD this spring from an unranked program and have wondered whether I would be able to continue publishing (I've got one published paper right now) if I had to "settle" for a cc job. While I recognize that some people may regard a community college job as "settling", I've heard from a number of people that they can be great jobs--jobs they are happy with, and which may be better in some respects than jobs at R1's or SLACs (I've heard the stresses of tenure at R1's--not to mention tenure denials--can be absolutely brutal; and the overall workload at SLACs--spanning research, teaching, and service, etc.--can be crushing too!). I'm also not sure how I feel about parsing out examples of people who (or do. . .

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