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Teaching videos for the job-market?

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In the comments section of our newest "how can we help you?" thread, Jeremy writes: Something I've been wondering about: Do you think there is any benefit to taking videos of, e.g., lectures, talks/presentations, etc. and sharing them in one's portfolio in the relevant place? The advantage, I would think, is that it serves as further evidence of the kinds of claims one is making about teaching/research skills. My guess is that 99% of committees will ignore them, but that it couldn't hurt to put them out there. I'm reasonably confident about the former, but less so about the latter. In response, another reader wrote: [T]he catch is you have no right to video record your students. You would need them to sign release forms, and to be given the option to leave the lecture that day. Certainly this is the case in America. Fair enough - but suppose you were to get permission. Is there any chance of it benefiting a candidate by having a link to a teaching video in. . .

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