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Phasing out letters from dissertation committees?

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In the comments section of our newest "how can we help you?" thread, Number Three asks: At what point should I stop asking dissertation committee members for letters of recommendation? Two years post-PhD? Four? More? I will be curious to hear what other people think. However, my own thoughts (based on my seven-year experience on the market and time on three search committees) are these: It is not at all clear to me that you should ever stop using letters from your committee. But it is a good idea get additional outside letters to supplement them. My only evidence for these two claims is admittedly anecdotal, but here it is... First, at one point while I was on the market (my third or fourth year), I tried cutting out a couple of letters from my dissertation committee--because I had several outside letters and wasn't confident that one committee member had written the strongest letter anyway. That was my single worst year on the market (I recall getting no. . .

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