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Trump Supporters Should Shut Up About Kaepernick

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Demonstrating once again its mastery of advertising, Nike released an advertising campaign including Colin Kaepernick. While some have responded by burning their own Nike products, the campaign has been successful and has resulted in a surge in sales. Since Trump has gone after Kaepernick for protesting, it is not surprising that some Trump supporters have  attacked Nike’s campaign. It is also not surprising that Nike’s call center became a target for racists. While Nike certainly merits protest, this is because of its sweatshops and not because it is slickly turning social justice issues into profit. This, obviously enough, explains the rage against Nike by Trump supporters and others. As they see it, Kaepernick is a terrible person who disrespected the troops and is un-American. By using him in the campaign, Nike is colluding with Kaepernick and is thus showing it hates the troops. Or so their “reasoning” goes. Embed from Getty. . .

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