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Changing migrants’ mindsets can improve their intercultural experiences

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“After all those years dreaming of America, I hated it…. I couldn’t understand anything. I didn’t talk. I was afraid someone would laugh at my pronunciation. And they did make fun of me. I thought to myself, I was a good student in Korea. Here I am stupid…. Finally I realized I had to reach out. To be a better speaker I had to be active and overcome my fear.” — Clara, a seventeen-year-old girl From “The Colors of Freedom: Immigrant Stories” by Bode (1999) For many immigrants, Clara’s experience depicts their difficulties associated with learning a second language. Immigrants who are not fluent in the local language not only have trouble communicating, but may also feel that they don’t fit into the society in which they live, or that majority members might reject them due to their lack of fluency. Such fear of rejection can cause people from minority groups to experience negative interethnic relations and maladaptive adjustment to the mainstream society. Despite these obstacles,. . .

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