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Supreme Court Nominee Hearings: Politics & Principles

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Trump nominated Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the results have been predictable: Republican majority has backed their guy while the Democratic oppose him. The Democrats clear disagree with many of Kavanaugh’s values and are concerned that there might be evidence of serious problems hidden away in the documents they want to see. One of their key goals is to delay the hearings as long as possible, ideally until after the upcoming elections. Their hope is, obviously enough, that there will be a new Democratic majority in the Senate and they can start doing unto Trump as the Republicans did unto Obama. A second key goal is to put on political theatre in front of the cameras in the hopes of scoring political points for themselves and the party. While Kavanaugh is presented as being even more conservative than some of the Republican senators, they have a general ideological agreement. Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans want the process to be rapid—they worry they might not have a. . .

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