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Patience in publishing

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I have a problem with patience in publishing. Or maybe I don't. I'm not sure. Let me explain what I mean, and then invite you to share your thoughts and experiences. When I read this piece that I shared earlier today, it resonated with me--not because the story has any particular lessons to teach us, but simply because I empathized with the author's experience of just how long and frustrating it can be to see a piece from its inception to eventual publication. A number of years ago in grad school, I had a couple of experiences that always stuck with me. The first was a discussion during office hours with a now-very-influential member of our discipline. To the best of my recollection, I was talking about how frustrated I was with a paper of mine--one I received a lot of positive feedback, but that I just couldn't get published anywhere and had bounced around at a bunch of journals. Basically, she told me something like, "Oh, that's totally normal. It took. . .

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