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Husserl's Legacy: Phenomenology, Metaphysics, and Transcendental Philosophy

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2018.08.41 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Dan Zahavi, Husserl's Legacy: Phenomenology, Metaphysics, and Transcendental Philosophy, Oxford University Press, 2017, 236pp., $40.00, ISBN 9780199684830. Reviewed by Thomas Nenon, University of Memphis Dan Zahavi's most recent book on Husserl argues for the continued viability of Husserl's overall project and philosophical approach against the backdrop of contemporary discussions concerning realism vs. idealism; internalism vs. externalism; the conceptions of new naturalisms in cognitive science; and speculative realism. It argues for both exegetical and philosophical reasons against interpreting Husserl's phenomenology as a form of introspective reflection, phenomenalism, representationalism, or internalism. It also attempts to show that, contrary to common claims, the Husserlian transcendental subject is not a solipsistic, disembodied Cartesian subject; rather, among Husserl's main contributions to the. . .

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