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Trump: American Discount Odysseus

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While one of many heroes in the Iliad, Odysseus is the main character of the Odyssey. He is characterized as possessing many positive traits, especially intelligence. While President Trump clearly lacks the intellectual keenness and skill at counsel of Odysseus, there are some interesting parallels between the two. Odysseus is famously presented as a skilled deceiver and fond of adultery (his own, of course). While his fellow heroes benefit from his cunning, Achilles and others regard him as a liar and condemn him for this. For the heroes of the Republican party, Trump occupies a similar role: they are pleased when he wins and assists them in winning, but often find his lies and immoral actions (such as repeated acts of adultery) troubling. Trump, like Odysseus, is a master of deceit and disguise—Trump can, for example, receive massive applause from the economically insecure forgotten men and women of America by praising himself and them as the elite. Like Odysseus, Trump achieves. . .

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News source: A Philosopher's Blog

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