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Mesh wifi – Deco M5

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Not my usual sort of post, but this might be of interest to anyone out there dithering about getting a mesh wifi system for home. The take home message? Just do it, you won’t regret it — and the TP-link Deco M5 will probably suit you very well. And for those still with me,  who want more detail …. We have a two storey Edwardian house, small but extended, with a lot of internal brick walls. Our Virgin broadband gives 100 Mb/s download speeds in theory. In practice, the wifi from the Virgin Hub 3.0 was — on a bad day — delivering a fluctuating 2 or 4 Mb/s in my study or at the back of the kitchen. OK, we were getting better using two old Apple Airports, but one died recently so it really was time to look for a replacement system. Our needs are modest: ideally, a system delivering steady wifi throughout the house, for ordinary laptop use, some iPlayer or movie streaming to the Apple TV, and (what in particular we didn’t have before) enough bandwidth. . .

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News source: Logic Matters

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