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Swatting the Gadfly

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President Trump has designated the press as the enemy of the people; an echo off the iron walls of totalitarian states and dictatorships. In response, the senate has engaged in the surreal response of passing a resolution essentially stating that the first amendment is still valid and that the press is not the enemy of the people. As far as why Trump has made this claim, part of the explanation lies with his psychology. He regards hyperbole as an essential component of communication and has an instinctual and unfiltered reaction to criticism, especially valid criticism. Trump, by accident or design, has also proven an able tactician when it comes to influencing people. By attacking the press this way, he poisons the well of the press for his supporters. This is a classic and effective fallacy in which an irrelevant attack is made against a source with the intent of discrediting in advance what it might claim. By labelling the press as the enemy of the people, Trump hopes that his. . .

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