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The tale is one familiar to anyone who has attended graduate school: a graduate student claims to have been coerced into an uncomfortable relationship with a star professor. What is less familiar, but not unheard of, is that the professor is a woman (noted feminist Avital Ronell) and the former graduate student is a man (Nimrod Reitman). As would be expected, the scenario followed the usual playbook for #MeToo incidents. First, associates of Ronell stepped in to defend her by pointing out her positive qualities and appealing to her standing in the academic community. These are, as always, irrelevant to whether a person did or did not engage in harassment. Second, Reitman was blamed and cast as a villain. Echoing all-too-common charges, her defenders accused Reitman of leading Ronell on, waiting too long to make his accusations, and so on. As the defenders of women accusers have repeatedly pointed out, these tactics are unacceptable. Consistency requires that the same standards be. . .

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