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Race & Traffic Stops

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For many liberals, it is simply intuitive that the police stop more black motorists than white. Conservatives tend to dismiss this intuition as mere liberal bias. Intuitions and ideology are not a good source of information about this matter, so it is fortunate that research has been done on this matter. When considering the data from the 2015 Stanford study, it is important to note that only about half of the states responded to the request for data and many of the states that did respond, did not track race. Despite these problems, the study does provide useful data—if its limits are kept in mind. While doubt about the accuracy of the study can be reasonable, to take its limits as evidence for denying its findings would be an error in logic. After all, even if a study is flawed, it does not follow that the denial of its conclusion is thus true. As liberals predicted, in 17 states where data is available, black motorists are 1.2 (Connecticut) to 2.8 (Cook County, Illinois) times more. . .

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News source: A Philosopher's Blog

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