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Sequencing Infants

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It is now a common practice to sequence infants to test for a variety of conditions. From a moral standpoint, it seems obvious that these tests should be applied and expanded as rapidly as cost and technology permit. The main argument is, of course, utilitarian: these tests can find dangerous, even lethal conditions that might not be otherwise noticed until it is too late. Even when such conditions cannot be cured, they can often be mitigated when physicians are aware of them early enough. As such, there would seem to be no room for debate on this matter. But, of course, there is. One concern is the limited availability of medical services. Once an infant is sequenced, parents will need experts to interpret the results. If sequencing is significantly expanded, this will involve dividing limited resources among large numbers of people, which will create the usual problems. While the obvious solution is to train more people to interpret results, this faces the usual problems of. . .

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News source: A Philosopher's Blog

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