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Humean Nature: How Desire Explains Action, Thought, and Feeling

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2018.08.17 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Neil Sinhababu, Humean Nature: How Desire Explains Action, Thought, and Feeling, Oxford University Press, 2017, 214pp., $70.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780198783893. Reviewed by Nomy Arpaly, Brown University Sometimes you still hear someone refer to the belief-desire view of human motivation and of acting for reasons as "The Standard Theory". The days in which the theory was "standard" are long gone, and over the years it has been repeatedly maligned to the point that it is possible to defend it in such a contrarian tone as Neil Sinhababu's. His book defends the aforementioned view and more generally the view that reason is but the slave of the passions. It is not a work in the history of philosophy and so it would probably make sense to refer to it as defending a neo-Humean position, though Sinhababu calls it simply "Humean", which admittedly makes for better... Read More

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