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For my first few posts, I wanted to talk about writing.  In particular, I wanted to talk about practices—both individual and communal—related to writing.  I am interested in how the act of writing (and the act of avoiding writing, for that matter) is related to other behaviors.  I am also interested in how we might better integrate the act of writing into our lives, perhaps to make us more productive, or perhaps simply to make us happier. Today I want to talk about writing groups—in particular, inter-disciplinary writing groups—but perhaps first I should say something about my take on writing, just to contextualize my own views.  I don’t have the immediate pressure to publish that many others in the profession have.  There are two reasons for this.  First, I currently have a TT position, and so I am not desperately trying to build my CV in an attempt to gain meaningful employment.  Second, although I am on the tenure-track, I work at a. . .

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