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Another kind of attrition rate

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In my recent post addressing a reader's query on how to choose between PhD programs, I suggested the reader should focus less on the reputation of a program or particular advisor and instead focus more on programs' attrition rate (i.e. how many people don't finish the program) and job-placement rate. The other day, however, an anonymous comment inadvertently drew my attention to another salient issue that in my experience is rarely discussed: what I will (for lack of better words) call post-PhD attrition rates. Allow me to explain what I mean, and why I think it may be good as a new disciplinary norm to expect programs to track and make them clear on their placement webpages.In an anonymous comment last week, a person who described themselves as suffering from bitterness signed off on a comment to me as "an old friend." I don't know who the person is. However, their description of themselves as an old friend got me ruminating about the many. . .

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