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Reader query on reading vs. writing

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In the comments section of our most recent "how can we help you?" thread, Amanda writes: I guess this might help me in terms of understanding my own attitude toward the profession. I am curious whether most philosophers like writing or reading philosophy more? Also, I am curious whether most philosophers read things they like, or mainly read for the purposes of their own research. Either way, what percentage of the philosophy that you read do find intellectually fulfilling?  I too am curious to hear people's answers. Here are mine... I enjoy reading philosophy. Each day or so, I go through the new works list on philpapers to see what new things are out there. I'll then check out anything directly relevant to my research, as well as anything that looks at all interesting to me, which is usually quite a bit as I had pretty diverse interests. I also enjoy visiting book exhibits at conferences (especially the APA) to check out new books, though my funds for. . .

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