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Inconsistent Application

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As J.S. Mill noted in his work On Liberty, “the practical principle guiding opinions on conduct is each person’s feeling that all should be required to act as he would like.” Because of this, as Mill notes, “Men very rarely chose a side because of a consistently held opinion about what is fit to be done by government.” This tendency extends across the political spectrum and is not an ill specific to any ideology. As an example of inconsistent application of principles, consider the principle of local rule, which is lauded by conservatives when the locals are doing what they want them to do and rejected when they are not. To illustrate, consider the matter of fracking. When local governments move to ban fracking in Republican controlled states, the same Republicans who praise the principle of local rule quickly violate that principle in favor of the oil companies who want to frack. While liberals do not use the talking point of local rule as much as conservatives, they are also. . .

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