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Transformative experience bibliography

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I have been commissioned to complete an encyclopedia entry on transformative experience, and could use a little crowdsourced help. First, I could use some help filling out my working bibliography. Is there anything missing from my reference list that I should include?  Please do feel free to let me know in the comments section below! Also, due to lack of institutional access, I have been unable to download the following papers. So, if you have a copy and wouldn't mind forwarding one to, I would be very appreciative (I'll cross the relevant papers of the list if/when I obtain them). Briggs, R. (2015). Transformative Experience and Interpersonal Utility Comparisons. Res Philosophica 92 (2):189-216. Chang, R. (2015). Transformative Choices. Res Philosophica 92 (2):237-282. Dougherty, T.; Horowitz, S. & Sliwa, P. (2015). Expecting the Unexpected. Res Philosophica 92 (2):301-321 Harman, E. (2015). Transformative. . .

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