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Rejection letters & brutal reviews of famed works

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Following our recent discussion of whether our system of 'anonymized' peer-review should be changed, I have an idea for a little project I'd like to pursue. One thing that would be helpful for me in pursuing the project--and which I think might independently be a little bit of good fun--would be to collect cases of rejection letters, brutal reviews, and other negative reactions by specialists to works that later went on to enjoy great fame and achieve lasting influence. During a recent trip to Oxford, at a museum exhibit on JRR Tolkien I came across an astonishing peer-reviewer letter of Tolkien's work that ended, "...On that note alone I am afraid this is not even worth considering." This got me thinking of how many other great works met a similar fate. So I did a little poking around online, and here are are just a few famous rejection letters and brutal peer-reviewer comments I came across with a simple web search: Rejection letter for Ursula Le. . .

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