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How ‘the future’ connects across subjects

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‘Today’s world is complex and unreliable. Tomorrow is expected to be more so.’ – Jennifer M. Gidley, The Future: A Very Short Introduction From the beginning of time, humanity has been driven by a paradox: fearing the unknown but with a constant curiosity to know. Over time, science and technology have developed, meaning that we are now more able to predict and quantify the future than ever before. We live in a world of quantum possibilities and there is still no certainty in what might happen tomorrow, next year, or hundreds of years from now. The below video explores the concept of the future and finds the connections that appear across a range of futures-related topics: This got us thinking more about the future, so we’ve collected together some facts about this concept and its related topics: To even be able to think hypothetically of a possible future is a remarkable and distinctive feature of human intelligence. Animals generally learn to adapt behaviour using their past. . .

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