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“Fitting in” in the global workplace

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With ever-increasing global mobility, today’s workers often find themselves struggling to get along in workplace cultures different from their native norms. Many disciplines, from managerial sciences to linguistics to education, have a vested interest in understanding and addressing these challenges. By and large, research focuses on how international workers adapt to new environments and how local workers accommodate foreign colleagues. Both of these goals are concerned with adjustment, where colleagues change their behaviors in order to avoid miscommunication and attempts to bridge barriers. But what does it really mean to “fit in?” Contrary to arguments in favor of conformity to local conventions, I found evidence in a recent case study that says embracing cultural differences can support successful social and work-related activities. This opens the possibility that, in our ever diversifying world, perhaps the best way to get along with other cultures is not to adjust to local. . .

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News source: Linguistics – OUPblog

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