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Philosophy and Medicine in the Formative Period of Islam

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2018.07.26 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Peter Adamson and Peter Pormann (eds.), Philosophy and Medicine in the Formative Period of Islam, The Warburg Institute, 2018, 316pp., £45.00 (pbk), ISBN 9781908590541. Reviewed by Ignacio Sánchez, Warwick University This is a collection of twelve articles presented at a Warburg Institute conference in March 2013. As the editors explain in the introduction, the aim of the conference was to explore the close links between medicine and philosophy in the first Islamic centuries, not only the engagement with the Greek intellectual tradition but also the use of philosophical argumentation in medical contexts and vice versa. These articles cover a wide variety of topics. Many of the questions raised in the introduction are tackled by Peter E. Pormann in the first article, "Philosophical Topics in Medieval Arabic Medical Discourse: Problems and Prospects". Pormann surveys the entanglements between philosophy and. . .

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