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Weaponizing Incivility

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Maxine Waters infamously called for the public harassment of Trump cabinet members resulting in general outrage on the right and condemnation from the left’s establishment. Her call raises moral and practical questions about weaponizing incivility for political purposes. This weaponization is obviously nothing new—it presumably dates to the origin of politics and is a standard tool in Trump’s political toolkit. He used it with great effect to win the nomination of the party, violating Reagan’s famous 11th commandment. He also campaigned very effectively with this weapon, relentlessly violating basic norms of civility all the way to the oval office. While establishment Republicans initially condemned this approach, the protests about incivility on the right have largely fallen silent—except when directed at the incivility of the left. This shows that, at least in Trump’s hands, incivility is a very effective political tool. As such, Trump made a prudent choice when “deciding” to not. . .

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