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The Ethics of Weaponizing Incivility

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While Trump has gained much by weaponizing incivility and Maxine Waters seems to have gained little or even lost in her efforts to do so, there remains the question of the ethics of this practice. After all, there is a distinction between a tool that works well (or poorly) to achieve an end and the morality of that tool. One obvious approach is to embrace the ethics of Immanuel Kant. Kant was rather focused on the dignity and worth of such beings. One of his injunctions was that rational beings must never be treated merely as means to an end, but must always be treated as ends themselves. To treat a rational being with incivility to gain a political advantage would seem to violate this tenet of Kantian ethics. It could, perhaps, be argued that a rational being could be treated with incivility while still respecting its moral worth as a rational being. After all, Kant does claim that a being must prove worthy of happiness by having a good will and it could be argued that a rational. . .

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