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Resubmitting a paper to the same journal?

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In the comments section of my post suggesting journals should consider expanding their policies on the lengths of papers they are willing to place under review, Pendaran wrote:  I agree there aren’t many outlets for long papers and that this can make publishing a long paper difficult. However...You can send a paper back to the same journal as long as a year or so has passed and it has been substantially revised. I’ve done it. I’ve even had a paper rejected by journal A and then a year later eventually accepted. So, why couldn’t you just circulate your long paper through the few journals that will consider it?  This is something I've often wondered about, and which few (if any) journals seem to have explicit policies about. I think I may have resubmitted a paper to the same journal a few times. The few times I've done so, it was several years after the initial submission, and after changing the paper substantially (indeed, after going back to square-one and. . .

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