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Reducing Violence by Raising Taxes

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Proponents of prohibition argued that alcohol was the cause of many evils and thought the solution was to enact a ban on its sale. They succeeded in their efforts, but helped usher in more evils, such as laying the financial foundation for organized crime in America. While they were right about the evils of alcohol, they were wrong about their solution. The impact of alcohol has been studied extensively and the results of these studies back up the intuitive view that alcohol contributes to the frequency and severity of violence, especially domestic violence. It is also linked to child abuse and suicide. And, obviously enough, to drunk driving. While there is neither a necessary nor sufficient link between alcohol and violence, it does have a significant causal connection. As such, reducing alcohol consumption would reduce these harms, making a solid utilitarian moral foundation for doing so. Since prohibition is out and individual efforts are obviously limited to individuals,. . .

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News source: A Philosopher's Blog

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