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Red Hen, Mr. Rogers and Civility

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One of the many important lessons I learned from sports was to maintain civility and respect for others even in heated competition. This lesson was reinforced when I competed in debate and by gaming hobby. When I became an academic, these lessons served me well by allowing me to easily behave in a professional manner: respectfully disagreeing with my colleagues. While civil behavior is generally respected, I have taken some criticism in the past for being too civil and respectful—even when people are rude or awful to me, I rarely abandon my commitment to the social rituals of respectful and civil behavior. I will, however, admit that one reason why I do this is that I believe that honorable behavior in the face of rudeness demonstrates good character and shows the failings of the one who descends into rudeness. As such, I do hold to a moral foundation for civility as well as a bit of pride—not descending to the lower level is a point of honor for me. Since I am a professional. . .

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