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Is Sexual Harassment Scientific Misconduct?

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The American Geophysical Union (AGU) recently decided to treat harassment (including sexual harassment) as scientific misconduct. This puts harassment on par with major ethical violations in science such as data fabrication and plagiarism. Since the AGU has adopted this into their ethical guidelines, members who are found guilty of harassment can be subject to such penalties as being banned from presenting at conferences and being forbidden from publishing in AGU journals. For scientists trying to advance (or simply maintain) their professional careers, these punishments can have serious consequences—thus they have real teeth. This decision was motivated by the fact that the echelons of science (like everywhere else) includes people who misuse their status, power and authority to harass those beneath them. As should be expected, some of the harassment is sexual in nature and is directed by men at women. Almost three quarters of women have reported being harassed in the field and over. . .

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News source: A Philosopher's Blog

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