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Brentano's Mind

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2018.07.09 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Mark Textor, Brentano's Mind, Oxford University Press, 302 pp., $60.00, ISBN 9780199685479. Reviewed by Guillaume Fréchette, University of Salzburg Over the last forty years, mainly as a result of the long-term influence of Chisholm's pioneering work, much has been written on Brentano's philosophy of mind, but also on his ontology, his metaphysics, his theory of values, and his epistemology. Many different "Brentanian" accounts of the mind and its intentionality have been offered in the last few years, which are often meant to provide and use an historical background for a view that has been developed quite independently of Brentano. Mark Textor's book goes the other way round, starting from what Brentano has to say about consciousness and intentionality, and then trying to "bring out something true and philosophically illuminating in Brentano's thinking about the mind" (7).... Read More

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