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A reading resolution kept!

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For some years now, I’ve kept a list of the novels that I’ve being reading or re-reading  — my memory for this sort of thing being pretty bad. But the list used to grow depressingly slowly; so very many good (or better!) novels, more coming out every month, and so little time, it seemed, to read them. This year, then, I made a New Year’s Resolution: really cut-back on non-work-related internet in the evenings. I’ve never been one for FaceBook, though Twitter can be addictive. But how the hours can disappear on newspaper/magazine sites, other political sites (especially in these days of Brexit and Trump), arts/music sites, not to mention nerdy stuff …! So I, as I say, I resolved to Cut Right Down. And for once, this is a resolution that has been kept pretty well. In the last six months, I’ve now read as many novels as the whole of last year — and had much more enjoyable and relaxing evenings into the bargain. I can honestly recommend it. . .

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News source: Logic Matters

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