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The Normativity of Rationality

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2018.07.04 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Benjamin Kiesewetter, The Normativity of Rationality, Oxford University Press, 2017, 344pp., $65.00, ISBN 9780198754282. Reviewed by Alex Worsnip, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Benjamin Kiesewetter's book is a sophisticated and extremely thorough examination of the question of whether rationality is normative. This question may seem to many non-specialist readers ill-formulated, and to make sense of it one has to understand what the parties to this debate mean by 'normative' and 'rationality'. 'Normative' is used not in a weak sense that contrasts with 'descriptive', but rather in a stronger sense whereby rationality is normative just if there are reasons to be rational. Meanwhile, 'rationality', at least for several prominent parties to the debate, is used to refer to what is sometimes called structural rationality, where to be structurally rational is to have attitudes that are not jointly. . .

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