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The Moral Foundations of Parenthood

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2018.06.34 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Joseph Millum, The Moral Foundations of Parenthood, Oxford University Press, 2018, 158 pp., $65.00, ISBN 9780190695439. Reviewed by Liezl van Zyl, University of Waikato In this book, Joseph Millum takes on the task of developing a coherent and unified theory of moral parenthood: How do we acquire parental rights and responsibilities? What do these rights and responsibilities consist in? And what are their limits? This is a notoriously difficult task. A theory of moral parenthood must accommodate our intuitions in standard cases of parenthood, while also offering guidance in non-standard or controversial cases, such as gamete donation, adoption, surrogate motherhood, and accidental fatherhood (i.e., where a man fathers a child despite using contraception). It must also account for the fact that parenthood is one of the greatest goods, a source of happiness and fulfilment, but also a burden, one that many. . .

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