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The Epistemic Lightness of Truth

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Using my hefty discount at the CUP shop, I bought a copy of The Epistemic Lightness of Truth: Deflationism and its Logic by Cezary Cieśliński when it came out at the very end of last year. I mentioned it briefly here, saying that first impressions were very good. I then read some more;  but, life being as it is, I got distracted, and I never returned to say more about what struck me as an excellent book — a must-read if you are tempted by/interested in a broadly deflationist approach to truth. In fact, I’ve not been keeping up quite closely enough with the literature here to give a fully informed judgement of Cieśliński’s achievement without more homework than I have had time for. However, Leon Horsten is in as good a position as anyone to assess the state of play. And he has now written an extensive and detailed review for Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. His summary judgement? “I cannot praise this book too highly. I predict that it will constitute indispensable. . .

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