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­Structuring Mind: The Nature of Attention and How it Shapes Consciousness

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2018.06.28 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Sebastian Watzl, ­Structuring Mind: The Nature of Attention and How it Shapes Consciousness, Oxford University Press, 2017, 352pp., $70.00, ISBN 9780199658428. Reviewed by Nicholas Silins, Cornell University Your plane is landing and soon the din begins, as the phones emerge from their doze with a chorus of chirrups and beeps. As Sebastian Watzl reminds us in his opening pages, our attention is one of the most valued commodities of our times, sought by ever so many notifications, pop-up windows, billboards, and brands. While the austere format of NDPR is free of such grabs for our attention, elsewhere online lurid ads will try to inform you about how to burn belly fat like crazy or why you should never shop on Amazon again after seeing this site. Watzl positions his book partly as a metaphysical project to understand what it is that companies... Read More

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