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The Age of Culpability: Children and the Nature of Criminal Responsibility

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2018.06.04 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Gideon Yaffe, The Age of Culpability: Children and the Nature of Criminal Responsibility, Oxford University Press, 2018, 239 pp., $40.00, ISBN 9780198803324. Reviewed by Douglas Husak, Rutgers University Why should criminal justice systems treat those under 18 more leniently than an adult who commits the same offense? This is the question nominally addressed by Gideon Yaffe. I say he addresses this question nominally because his reach extends much further. Like any good philosopher, Yaffe has produced a book with ideas that are exceedingly far-reaching. Along his journey, he discourses on developmental psychology, the nature of criminal culpability, the weight of reasons, the legal status of visitors and the indigent, the nature of desert, and a whole lot more. To be sure, Yaffe is careful to connect each of these broad topics to his central question of juvenile justice. But they are fascinating in their. . .

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