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Ethical Sentimentalism: New Perspectives

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2018.05.28 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Remy Debes and Karsten R. Stueber (eds.), Ethical Sentimentalism: New Perspectives, Cambridge University Press, 2017, 294pp., $99.99, ISBN 9781107089617. Reviewed by Michael Milona, Auburn University This volume brings together a collection of articles addressing different aspects of sentimentalism. The basic idea of sentimentalism is that morality is rooted in emotion. In its most uncompromising form, it says that moral metaphysics, moral thought, and moral epistemology are all somehow emotion-based. Among sentimentalists, however, the details vary significantly. In this volume, for example, Jesse Prinz defends the view that moral judgments are constituted by emotion, yet they nevertheless aim for a kind of generality. Prinz's sentimentalism, inspired directly by Hume, stands in contrast to neo-sentimentalism, adopted here by Justin D'Arms and Daniel Jacobson, among others. Neo-sentimentalism is the view. . .

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