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Macroscopic Metaphysics: Middle-Sized Objects and Longish Processes

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2018.05.25 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Paul Needham, Macroscopic Metaphysics: Middle-Sized Objects and Longish Processes, Springer, 2017, 224 pp., $109.99, ISBN 9783319709987. Reviewed by Harold Noonan, University of Nottingham This is an excellent book, hugely well-informed about its subject matter and taking a strongly independent line on issues at the heart of much contemporary metaphysics. If you have thought about the puzzle of the statue and the clay, the nature of constitution and its relation to identity, whether it is a necessary a posteriori truth that water is H2O, or maybe even an essential truth, this book is for you. Standard views are analysed and challenged against the background of an informed discussion of present-day chemistry and its history. The focus on chemistry is probably the most notable feature of the book, and it is clearly Paul Needham's opinion that contemporary metaphysical debates about his topics have no. . .

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