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Philosophy of Time and Perceptual Experience

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2018.05.22 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Sean Enda Power, Philosophy of Time and Perceptual Experience, Routledge, 2018, 249 pp., $140.00 (hbk) ISBN 9780815370383. Reviewed by Carlos Montemayor, San Francisco State University Power defies the limits of space -- measured in printed characters per page -- in his book on the philosophy of time and perceptual experience. Almost every issue in metaphysics and epistemology conceivably related to the topics of time, space and perception receives commentary. The diversity of topics addressed is matched only by the array of wide-ranging and perplexing claims concerning the nature of space and time; the nature of perceptual experiences -- not only in relation to the nature of space and time, but also in general; the errors of hallucination and illusion; naïve realism, as the central view discussed in the philosophy of perception, by assumption and without much argumentation. Nor does the author omit the. . .

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