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Reasonableness and Fairness: A Historical Theory

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2018.05.20 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Christopher McMahon, Reasonableness and Fairness: A Historical Theory, Cambridge University Press, 2016, 252pp., $99.99, ISBN 9781107177178. Reviewed by Judith Lynn Failer, Indiana University, Bloomington In an era of deep political and social cleavages, it has become a commonplace to lament that our inability to talk to each other has begun to erode our democracies. After all, if we cannot learn from each other what we need, how can we craft appropriate programs? Christopher McMahon offers a theory that forms the foundation necessary to address that question. His stated goal is to understand what is happening when people who are trying to coordinate activities make competently reasoned judgments about what is reasonable and fair. To that end, he provides a normative theory that describes that process and its prerequisites, and shows how it works in terms of political cooperation. He also adds a descriptive. . .

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